Saturday, February 2, 2013

My Cake Creations - 4th Quarter 2012

 Hey everyone. I guess I was MIA since I don't know when. I had a sudden urge to blog and I will post photos of my cakes I have created last four months or so of 2012.

Monday, October 8, 2012

Maayong Buntag Mindanao Feature

Connections. Word of mouth. Referrals. Luck. I am very thankful for all those things. Because without it, I wouldn't be where I am today. Thank YOU for your referrals and positive feed backs of my cake creations. YOU helped me hone my craft and pursue my passion in cake decorating.

Because of referrals, I was introduced to a bride who's looking for potential supplier of cakes and cupcakes for her wedding next year. Coincidentally, she works in a regional TV network, ABS-CBN (specifically, Maayong Buntag Mindanao). Hitting two birds in one stone, she decided to feature my cakes on their morning show. I was really surprised, more liked, shocked of her offer and I graciously said YES! Who wouldn't?! Right?! I decided to create a dessert table for the feature. Here are the photos.

The photo above is my dessert table set up. I have made a 7x5 ombre chevron pattern cake with rununculus flower toppers, chocolate cupcakes with butterfly toppers, 6x4 butterfly and peony toppers cake, vanilla cupcakes with buttercream swirl topped with fondant blossom flower. As for the beverage, strawberry lemonade in a glass beverage container. Buntings, and other table decors courtesy of Something Splendid

I would love to post the video here, but it's not yet uploaded on Youtube. Once I have the link, I will update this post in the future.

Monday, August 20, 2012

A Bagnet to Remember

Last Friday, after finishing a big order of cakes and cupcakes as well as setting up a dessert table for a local tv feature; my sister, her boyfriend and I, decided to eat out. We originally planned to eat at Hollywood Burger located at The Peak, Gaisano Mall of Davao. But when we got there, we were immediately told by one of the crew that all of their burgers are not available. Since I was so hungry-I-could-eat-a-horse situation, we decided to go somewhere else.

And boy, oh boy, I am so glad we went somewhere else instead. EJ, my sister's boyfriend, suggested we eat at The Bagnetian Kitchen.

A restaurant recently opened this year, located at the Brick Lane Square, along Palma Gil Street, Obrero. It's a restaurant that offers Ilocano's famous dish, the Bagnet. I've read about bagnet in food magazines only and I was quite excited to finally get the chance to eat Ilocos famous crispy pork dish.

What's interesting about this restaurant is that, they incorporated the bagnet in other famous Pinoy dishes like sisig, Bicol express, pinakbet, dinuguan, binagoongan and humba. But my favorite is the classic Bagnet, paired with rice and soy sauce with kalamansi and siling labuyo, and I am in bagnet heaven. The skin of the pork is very crispy, and the meat is not dry, just fried right to my liking. The price and servings is just right, and if you are hungry, expect to order more rice, like I did (diet is a foreign word to me). The interior of the restaurant is also brightly lit and they have enough crew to attend to your needs. Food was also served on time, within 10-15 minutes upon ordering.

So, if you want to eat bagnet, you don't have to travel all the way to Ilocos to satisfy your cravings, it's located in the heart of Davao City.